Sunday, 14 November 2010

Before We Start...

A little background information for you. This is a project which was started by a somewhat snap decision. My Father, Iain Snr, spotted that Portnahaven Primary School was for sale in The Herald. We viewed the place, saw that it was in a very sorry state, and yet somehow we still bought the place. Why? Because this building could be so much more than its current state. We wanted to contribute to the construction of this ourselves. This blog is intended to keep the world informed as to how we are getting on (as a somewhat less glamorous variation on Grand Designs - Kevin McCloud couldn't be bothered).

Introducing the team:

Iain Jnr. (me) and Iain Snr.
Barbara (my Mum), and Iain Snr. again (just in case you needed reminding).

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